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Temporary Farm Laborers
Alewelt Concrete Inc., Alden, IA, seeks 9 temporary farm laborers from 08/27/2018 to 10/31/2018, for the construction of livestock buildings near Boonville, MO. Measure and layout building. Excavate footings and level earth to grade specifications. Tie rebar, position aluminum wall-forms and place all concrete. Clean site. Must be able to lift and carry 75lbs, 75yds.Wage is $13.80/hr. Alewelt Concrete Inc. guarantees employment for a total number of work hours equal to at least three-fourths of the workdays from 08/27/2018 to 10/31/2018. Tools, supplies, and equipment provided by employer at no cost to employee. Housing provided at no cost to all workers who cannot reasonably return to their permanent residence at the end of the work day. Transportation and subsistence expenses to worksite will be paid by employer in the first week of employment. Apply at the nearest state workforce agency or contact the state workforce agent at 1000 S.W. Jackson Street. Suite 100. Topeka, KS 66612 (785)291-3470 using the job order number 12513769
Ad title: Temporary Farm Laborers
Street: 1000 SW Jackson Suite 100
City: Topeka
State: KS
Zip code: 66612
Phone: 785-291-3470
Location: Boonville, MO
Position: Temporary Farm Laborers
Apply: apply in person